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A Stylometric Murder Mystery, or: Poetic Justice by Mitzi Morris (Computers and Literature in Fiction, 3)

It is high time to talk about Poetic Justice by Mitzi Morris, the recent stylometric mystery novel I have been promising to write about in my post on Amanda Crosses Poetic Justice, also in the series on Computers and Literature in Fiction. (Sorry for not linking to the place where you can buy the book, but it’s already bad enough...


Author or genre? Assessing the quality of cluster analysis graphs in two-dimensional classification problems

One of the very fundamental issues in stylometric classification tasks is that the data under scrutiny is usually messy in some way. And I don’t even mean dirty OCR here, which is a problem anyone even casually playing with Google’s N-Gram Viewer and interested in pre-1800s texts will have noticed (Mark Liberman, among others, wrote an interesting piece on this)....


Unsupervised relative distances, or supervised clear-cut decisions: more work (or play) with Eder/Rybicky’s stylometry script

The biggest Digital Humanities event of the year is over: DH2012 in Hamburg. And one of the major topics seemed to be, at least from my perspective, stylometry. Several panels and some separate papers were directly concerned with stylometry, during the main conference. I’ll have to postpone more thorough comment on the ones I heard and liked best to another...