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A Stylometric Murder Mystery, or: Poetic Justice by Mitzi Morris (Computers and Literature in Fiction, 3)

It is high time to talk about Poetic Justice by Mitzi Morris, the recent stylometric mystery novel I have been promising to write about in my post on Amanda Crosses Poetic Justice, also in the series on Computers and Literature in Fiction. (Sorry for not linking to the place where you can buy the book, but it’s already bad enough...


Poetic Justice by Amanda Cross (Computers and Literature in Fiction, 2)

Some time ago, I briefly reported on reading Mr Penumbra’s 24-hour bookstore by Robin Sloan, the recent fantasy-mystery novel in which the contrast between the all-digital and old-style book culture was played out in the most entertaining way. Back then, I was wondering whether there were more such novels about computers and literature, and indeed there are! This time, the...