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Enhancement, Transformation, and Zukunftsmusik: Established methods of interpretation transposed into the computational realm.

One of my favorite literary genres is French twentieth-century crime fiction, roughly from the 1930s (Georges Simenon) via the 1950s (Léo Malet) to the 1970s (Jean-Patrick Manchette). This is quite a large area, so one of the things I would like to do, if the state of text digitization and copyright law will permit it some day, is to do...


Große Sprünge und konzentrische Ringe, oder: Stephen Ramsay über Daten, Texte, Interpretationen

(The following blog post is in German, because it reflects on an excellent talk by Stephen Ramsay, “Stanley and me“, which most of my readers outside Germany will have read anyway; it has been retweetet thorougly on Twitter and was Digital Humanities Now’s Editor’s Choice some days ago. Sorry folks, but you’re not missing anything.) Ein weit verbreitetes Missverständnis in...

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