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Getting a closer look: More on visualizing results from stylometry with Gephi

This post is a follow-up post to my last brief post on the new version of the stylo script and its output for visualization with Gephi. Today, I just want to report on what Maciej told me about the technical details, and to show some more graphs resulting from my data. First things first, then. Here is how the data for...


Connecting our Tools, or: Stylometry and Network Analysis made easy

Do you like stylometry, and maybe have tried out the scripts for R provided by the Computational Stylistics Group? And do you like visualisation, and maybe have played around a bit with Gephi, the network visualisation tool? I suppose it’s rather likely that you have, as a reader of this blog, or at least that your interested in this kind...


Stylometry, or: from experiments to widened horizons

(Eine deutsche Fassung dieses Beitrags erscheint zeitgleich bei “Philologeek“.) Last week, at the Göttinger philologisches Forum, I had the occasion to report on the current state of my “stylometric experiments” involving above all the relationship between authorship and genre in French classical theater. (I know this sounds like its always the same topic, but I keep making small advances.) Without...

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